Friday, January 21, 2011

School, Serendipity, and Warhol

It's Friday!

This week I have learned the crazyness that is my work and school schedule. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I work from 10 AM- 6PM, then hop on the subway to go straight to class. Class starts at 7PM and lasts until 10:30 PM. Talk about a full day! However, I absolutely love every second of class. On Tuesdays we have Electronic Culture, exploring how technology has changed us as a society and how it will continue to affect us. On Wednesdays we have Contemporary Cinema, which is pretty self explanatory but includes exploring the filmmakers of generation X and why filmmakers made more philosophically based movies in the late 90s/2000s. Our teacher, Joe Kickasola, is wonderful-- laid back, insightful and extremely thought provoking. Which is needed after a full work day!

In class, we are able to write on the desks! (Something I got sent to the principal's office for in middle school. I remember to this day walking into Miss Murray's office, terrified, and telling her that it was a senseless and dumb mistake.) In the open minded spirit of New York, we are able to graffiti our hearts out if desired. It is seen as a "creative outlet" for students. Love it.

After school on Wednesday night, Julia and Erica had a hankering for some delicious dessert. So my roommates and I headed to the famous "Serendipity 3" restaurant to sample some famous desserts. (They are open until 2 AM) This charming little restaurant dates back to the 1950s in New York City. The story is fascinating. However, I think we were expecting too much because we were less than blown away by the desserts. Julia and Erica split a chocolate cake, fudge, and ice cream creation which turned out to be quite mediocre.

Delicious for sure, but not anything you haven't tasted before. Lauren got the apple pie, which was okay, but nothing spectacular either. I ordered their famous "frozen hot chocolate," a treat that everyone RAVES over, and was definitely NOT raving about the tasteless, chalk-like, whipped cream on top of it. Sorry Serendipity, but we will not be back for your over-priced touristy desserts. We ended up getting home
for the day at midnight. Whew!

Even though my internship is very low key right now, it is draining to be awake and alert for so many hours. I am hoping that my decision to work 4 days a week won't come back to haunt me.

On a happier and more exciting note, we went to an extremely cool venue last night-- The Museum of Modern Art's exhibition of Andy Warhol's motion pictures. I really don't know much about Warhol (ask my little sister Sally, she would DEF know!) but I do know that I was inspired and intrigued by his portraits captured on 16mm film.

Along with viewing his creative films, one could create their very own Warhol portrait. The event set up a room with three stations, each complete with a white backdop, lighting, and a personal photographer. All you had to do was stand in a line and each person got a 45 second potrait done. While all of this was going on, a DJ played eclectic music while museum workers served different kinds of wine in plastic cups. This was my first art gallery experience with the famed wine in a plastic cup! I had a ball.
Lauren and I discovered that not everyone's portrait was displayed. We figured you either had to be beautiful or interesting to be displayed (lots of foreign people were up there, along with anyone wearing thick black rimmed glasses). So in an attempt to look more artsy, I borrowed Kevin's glasses for my portrait.

We saw Erica and Julia's portraits from another line, but Lauren and I unfortunately never saw our faces on the big screen. Sad day. However, this event will definitely be one of my favorite moments in New York City I am sure. :-)
Julia and I both wore shoes that were very unforgiving to our feet. So, we decided to split a cab back home instead of walking 6 blocks to the subway. It was definitely worth it!

Julia stopped and got McDonalds in Time Square. It was such a fun, memorable, night in New York City! I have an intern seminar at work today in two hours and after that, the weekend is here! be sure to tune in to Letterman tonight if you aren't out! Our taping will be on. Nathan Lane (voice of Timon from Lion King) is the guest. Extremely funny man.

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