Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Becoming a Local and Seeing Letterman


I can't believe it's only been a week and a half. My roommates and I are already so familiar with our schedules, subway directions, and the beutiful city of New York. Our apartment is a dream. We live in Long Island City, outisde of Manhattan, but it is only a bridge away. Because of the location, we have a very spacious apartment, one that would be comparable to any Waco apartment for a Baylor student. We are very blessed.

To end the work week last Friday, my roommates and I went to a swanky bar called the Campbell Apartment, located in Grand Central Station.

This is a famous New York bar, but also famous because it was on the pilot episode of Gossip Girl. For any GG fans out there, this is the place where Nate *gasp* cheated on Blair with Serena after a wedding. Anyways, Erica and I had candied apple martinis and Lauren had their famous "prohibition punch". We could only afford one drink there but it was a really cool place to visit. Afterwards, we went to a place in SoHo more suited for our college student wallets.

Saturday, the girls and I thought we would be out conquering the city, but sincewe were so exhausted from the first week we ended up relaxing quite a bit. That night, we went to a restaurant called Pomme Frites, which only sells French Fries. The appeal is getting to choose from a vast array of dipping sauces. I chose Rosemary Garlic mayo, Mango chutney mayo, and Truffle Oil mayo. They were really delicious, but our stomachs weren't the happiest afterwards...

On Sunday, Julia, Erica, and I went to Union Square for some bargain hunting and grocery shopping. Afterwards, we researched the best Italian restaurant we could find for a good price and ended up in Astoria-- New York City's most diverse neighborhood.

Apparently over 120 languages are spoken in Astoria. The great thing about Astoria is that it is only two subway stops away from our apartment. The restaurant was small and charming with exposed brick walls and wooden tables complete with candlelight. The service was wonderful, the food exquisite, and the prices low.

On Monday, I was awoken by a phone call from a New York phone number. I let it go to voicemail. Out of curiosity I listened to it and it was a man from the David Letterman show saying to call back if I would like tickets to a taping of the show. However, he said that I must answer a Letterman trivia question in order to get the tickets. So I immediately woke up, googled David Letterman, and began studying him.

After thirty minutes I called back, and he asked me what instrument Paul Shaffer plays on the show. "The keyboard!" Yep, so I got two tickets. We were supposed to show up at 3:30 to pick up tickets, then come back at 4:45.

It turns out that the boys in our Baylor group also got tickets and our other roommate Julia got a ticket at the last minute. The show was exhilarating. They play upbeat music and clap as you walk into the studio. They tell you to laugh hysterically even if you don't think a joke is funny.

At 6 PM, Letterman ran out on stage and welcomed us to the show. It was surreal seeing him so up close. We were on the 4th row. The show was a blast and I would encourage ANYONE who goes to New York to do it. Especially because it's free! All you have to do is answer a trivia question. :-)

Our taping of the show airs this Friday, the 21st if you want to see it! Maybe you can catch a glimpse of me in the sweeping audience shots.

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