Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Day Has Come!

I leave for New York City in less than 2 days and I am a nervous wreck. I haven't packed, I haven't studied a map like I thought I would do all Christmas break, and I am falling behind on my Food Network research of where to eat in NYC. My flight leaves from Mobile at 6 AM on Saturday, which means I probably will not sleep that night.

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  1. just read your whole blog back to front after seeing it on facebook-keep em coming, i love creeping on this! its almost painful for me to read, it makes me miss new york so much-and exploring, and the weather (i love the cold) and joe! tell him i said hi, i'm so glad you share my enjoyment of his courses. i think he's a truly great film teacher. your internship sounds amazing, i'm so happy for you! and so jealous of the fact that ya'll get to live in amazing apartments and i lived in a rat-trap, lol. anyway, enjoy every second sweet girl, truly the best semester of my college career! you're definitely doing all the right things:)