Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NYC: Great for A Month...

I can only explain my absence of writing on the blog as a natural result of my current distaste of New York. What?! Yes. Distaste and readiness to leave. If I could take the wonderful restaurants, museums, Focus Features, and my classmates with me then it would be great. The rest of it-- the cold, the dirty streets, the foul odors in the subways, the general indifference of the people in this city-- can stay. Am I being a bit dramatic? Well, yes...but all of those facts are true. I am the kind of person who embraces living in a different city every six months. I prefer independent travel, being out of my comfort zone and I love learning the culture of a new city.

However, this is the first instance in my life where I feel trapped by a city. I look out the window every morning, see Manhattan, and grimace. The city is a never-ending labyrinth of GO GO GO that is fun for a month, but once you want to settle down and take a breath, it won't let you. I feel as if I live in a hotel. I do, kind of. I can't take the trash out or do laundry in my pajamas because you have to go out into public areas to do these things. You can't walk outside and smell fresh air. You smell smog. You cannot walk to a grocery store where I live. You have to take a subway, which means only buying things you can carry back. This type of lifestyle seems cool, trendy and efficient for about a month but then it really becomes a chore.

The things that are supposed to be simple become chores that require extra preparation. Because of this, I am feeling drained, in much need of a southern city for a week. Is this sad? I am not the type to become "homesick." Interestingly, I am more homesick here than I ever was during my semester in Europe. Europe is a different story. Check out "KA in Europe" to see my never ending appreciation of my experiences there.

YES, I know this is an opportunity of a lifetime. YES I am appreciative and I am loving "parts" of living here. But all in all, come May 4 I will be ready to say goodbye to the Big Apple. And come April 16 I will be ready for a break with my sister in France for a week for Easter.

Okay, so now you get it. I am not a NEW YORKA okay?? I think I'm going to like LA and the surrounding beaches MUCH better. We shall see.

Next on my blogging agenda, the weekend visit of my friend Andrea. Stay tuned.


  1. I went through the same thing. Hang in there honey. You'll miss it, I promise!

  2. Hang in there Bebe! Great talking to you baby!

    I love you!

  3. I get you. What is exciting for a vacation is wearing as a lifestyle. Up close, those bright, sparkling city lights just are not the warmth of hearth and home.

    I hear LA is a totally different, more calming energy. And, I would imagine April 16 seems all too far away.

    Grace and peace,